by Senseless Hearts

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Your mistakes don't define you. You are beautiful, you are loved.


If you could see what I see, you'd believe me when I say I see beauty, beauty in the structure you convey, but along the way you got lead astray to a place you were not meant to be, you keep deciding to stay and not continue this journey of love we started, because you became hard hearted
You're as lovely as diamonds but your hard like them to, you put up walls for all the times this world has hurt you, making yourself into a statue, so no one can get too close to you, but I remember when you were clay, clay I would hold and mold as you walked with me showing the potential of what you could be, way more precious than gold, but you became cold, this statue, unable to continue because you think your failures define you, they bind you to this state of feeling hopeless and worthless, why can't you see your gorgeous and made for a purpose, this burdening agony is made up from the fallacies of voices telling you what to believe, you listened to every single one of them, except me, darling look past the lies and realize that this love is all you need, so take my hand and continue this journey, follow me, follow me
but your so scared to open your fractured heart, every time you do it always manages to fall apart, grinding to a soft sand, but dear if you take my hand I will never leave you, I can show you what it means to be alive and not make you feel dead inside, if you could see what I see, you'd believe me when I say I see beauty
I will wait for the moment you catch your breath, will wait for the moment you wake from death, I will wait for the moment you take that first step, I will wait, I will wait, but until then I just want you to know, your beautiful and you're not alone
Consider it a treasure to see you made it through, my dear you have the memories and scars to prove


released July 11, 2016



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Senseless Hearts Eugene, Oregon

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